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Emergency Generators

Emergency Generator Specialists

Backup generators protect your business and bottom line, activating when your main power sources fail or are intermittently disrupted.

Every year, FDL helps businesses recover quickly and smoothly from various disasters and incidents. From equipment failures to floods and fires, you can rely on our purpose-built emergency backup generators to support your critical assets until normality can be restored.

FDL can help your business prepare.

Mitigating the damage that can be caused by a disruptive incident is a serious matter. It can be the difference between unrecoverable damage by loss of assets and income and a manageable process that gets you back on track within a suitable period of time.

With our expert assistance, we can provide you with an emergency diesel generator and advice on how to contingency plan should your main power systems cease to operate for any period.

Take advantage of opportunity.

Not all emergency generators are required for disastrous incidents! If your business has a sudden need for a generator, we’re here to provide. Businesses across a wide range of industries rely on our rapid, tailorable service to provide them with the power they need for events and other unplanned opportunities that are profitable or necessary.

Our generators are designed to meet a wide range of industry requirements, varying from effective standard units through to specialised emergency generators that can produce power quietly or withstand specific environmental conditions.

The same commitment, every time.

Although FDL supports many large businesses across the UK, we’re not just about corporate custom. We’ve supported modest SMEs and small operations as much as large, multi-office operations. 

With our ability to supply complete onsite services for the mechanical and electrical installation of your generator, no job is too small – or too large.

Interested? Let’s talk.

The team is an enquiry away. Get in touch today to start the conversation on your generator needs, or to make an urgent request for support and power for your business.

Emergency Generator
Emergency Generator

Tailor-made Diesel Generators

We specialise in designing and manufacturing diesel generators that are built to meet your exact requirements. Our commercial and industrial diesel generator installations can be combined with other UPS systems as well as your power, lighting, computer and security systems.

Experienced consultation

Since forming in 1972, FDL Generators has helped countless companies find a generator that suits their property. If you’re uncertain as to which type of system would be best for you, including which would be most cost-effective, ask about our consultation service.

Professional generator installation

FDL Generators is able to deliver professional installation for any diesel generator. We hold ISO9002 accreditation and are members of the ECA and NICEIC, which means you can rest assured that all work carried out will be of the highest quality.

Maintenance & repair

In addition to installation, FDL Generators can also help you with generator maintenance and repair, including refuelling and load bank testing. Our nationwide network of trained engineers allows us to offer an all-hours repair service when you need us the most. Call us today.


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